Rhino Hobby (5″) A-1 Ventilation Kit with RVK Fan

Rhino Hobby (5″) A-1 Ventilation Kit with RVK Fan


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5” Rhino Hobby Filter 125×300 – 500m/hr:

Rhino Hobby filters are filled with the same high quality Australian mined RC142 carbon as the Rhino Pro range of filters, which is the finest quality carbon available for air filtration. A 30mm carbon bed is tightly packed into the airflow cylinder making it highly effective at attracting and absolving the air of pollutants. The smaller bed depth of carbon to that of the Pro filter makes it an even easier to handle and manage for the novice grower. Additionally, with its fully reversible neck, the first of its kind on the market for a hobby filter, the Rhino Hobby benefits from a fantastic 9-12 month lifespan, unlike other budget filters the reversible neck pro longs the life of the carbon.

5” RVK Fan:

The Systemair RVK range of In-line Duct Fans are ideal for removing old air or supplying fresh air to your grow-space. Systemair fans are of excellent quality and are amazingly reliable. A superb piece of grower’s kit.

·      Systemair – Top In-line duct fan manufacturer

·      Removes stale air from your grow-space

·      Can also be used to supply fresh air to your grow-space

·      Matches with 5-inch (125mm) ducting, carbon filters, air socks etc.

·      Ideal for small grow-spaces

·      Powerful – large airflow for its size – 220m3/hour

·      Maintenance-free and highly reliable

·      Quiet – only 34.5 dB

2 Adjustable Jubilee Clips:

They are tightened or released using a worm gear clamp that allows a secure, tight connection between ventilation ducting and fans and other fittings. Quick release Ducting Clips are very useful when putting together or adjusting a grow room ventilation system, making it straightforward to easily attach or detach connections.

10 metres Rhino Silver Ducting:

Strong aluminum ducting with a steel wire spiral internal frame; a cost effective solution for ventilation systems where noise is not an issue.

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