5 Pot Wilma XXL Drip Irrigation 25 Litre Pot

5 Pot Wilma XXL Drip Irrigation 25 Litre Pot


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The Wilma is an active hydro version of a drip irrigation system. Plants benefit from the accurate feeding of active hydroponics, combined with the flexibilty of growing in pots.

Pots are placed on a tray above a nutrient solution tank. Plants and drippers are placed in the pots with the chosen growing medium – clay, coco, soil or rockwool. Set the irrigation frequency with a timer, which triggers the dripper to automatically feed the plants.

The nutrient solution works its way through the medium and over the roots of the plants, draining into the catchment tank and drawing oxygen into the root zone.

The wilma offers the flexibility to be used as an irrigation system with a tank to catch run off or as a fully re-circulating hydro system.

Small System Dimensions: 115x115x20(cm) with 150L reservoir volume


  • 1 x 150 Litre Reservoir Tank
  • 1 x Top Tray
  • 5 x 25 Litre Pots
  • 1 x Maxi-Jet MJ – 1000 Pump
  • 1 x Delivery System with Inline Tap
  • 1 x Bag of Pump Accessories
  • 10 x Drip lines
  • 10 x Flood Drippers
  • 10 x Arrow Drippers
  • 1 x Reservoir Cap
  • 1 x Green Hose

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